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Hoping to find wealth and treasures, you broke into an old bunker. You must have triggered something because you're now locked in with a clock ticking! Your friends are outside, trying to get you out with the help of a few old manuals they found lying around. Watch out! There might be a traitor among them. Communication is key for you to get out in time.



One player creates a new game and shares the "GAME ID" with the other players for them to join.


Co-op puzzle

To get out of this bunker, you're gonna need your friends' help!
Whether you're looking for a multiplayer game to play with friends and family during the lockdown to cope with the whole covid19 situation, or for a team building activity to experience with your team and colleagues, Locked Bunker is made for you!
One by one, try to solve the many puzzles and enigmas necessary to escape the bunker! One player describes the machines and puzzles he faces while the others help solving those using an old instructions manual.

Playing with friends

You don't need to be in the same room to play together! With free tools like Glip, you can start a video call to share information with your peers and solve puzzles together online. Get out of the bunker with the help of your friends, the easy way!
To win, communication is key. If you are the main player, describe everything you see with as much details as you can. If you're assisting the main player, use the intel to identify the right pages within the instructions manual to help solving the puzzles.

Betraying friends

If there are more than 2 people playing Locked Bunker together, there may be a traitor among them!
The traitor's job is to make sure the main player never exits the bunker! He'll do everything he can to waste other players' time and push them to make mistakes. He may also have a few hidden tricks to make his job easier!
If you believe there's a traitor in your party trying to stop you from solving your puzzles, it may be worth trying to identify him quickly!

Strategy to win

Locked Bunker isn't easy, and you may not win the first time you play. Nor the second.
To get out of this place, your strategy matters and collaboration is key. The first few times, we recommend that you take one puzzle at a time and get your whole crew to work together, as a team, to study and understand the instructions in order to solve each puzzle.
Once you've won a few games, it may be time for them to split so each person can focus on a separate puzzle to solve. But in the early games, cooperation is essential to crack each puzzle and potentially identify the traitor!

Team building activity

Managing a team is not easy - it requires communication, collaboration, empathy, common goals, a vision and a certain level of pressure.
Locked Bunker is all that plus a fantastic team building game! It will place you and your co-workers under a certain amount of pressure with a common objective to reach before the deadline. Collaboration and clear communication will be essential to succeed! Natural leaders may emerge to give others direction and structure it all.
Organizing chaos and focusing even in a stressful situation will be important elements of your success and team spirit!
What's more? Locked Bunker is a perfect team building exercise for remote teams. If your teammates are working from home or various locations, all you need is an internet connection and a system of communication (Glip, Discord, Zoom, Skype, etc.) to get started!

What material do I need to play?

Not much, really.
You'll need a computer, or a tablet (a large screen's needed to see all details, therefore we don't recommend using your phone), an internet connection and a browser... you probably have all these already if you're reading this line!
We also recommend using a headset - when playing with friends, the music may be very disturbing and create a weird echo. For the best possible experience, we suggest that you use a headset with a mic and plug it to your computer so the game's music and your friends' voices come through the same line. That will definitely make the whole game more exciting!

I keep losing, should I worry?

We told you it wouldn't be easy!
It may take a few rounds before you solve even a single puzzle! Practice makes perfect, so keep trying, communicate with your friends and focus on the easy puzzles first.
Come on, don't give up, you're almost there!
Unfortunately, LockedBunker is not optimized for mobile (yet). Try it on a larger screen!